Apr 30, 2014

Research Voyage on T/S Nanseimaru

We conducted the measurement of underwater irradiance using CTD, and collected a lots of benthic macro- and micro-algae using bottom sampler and dredgers. Despite the poor weather, we could finish almost all surveys.
T/S Nanseimaru, Kagoshima University

Apr 27, 2014




Moving status

Moving of the lab is almost completed except for some equipments and facilities.
Biological microscopes, photosynthetic equipments and spectrophotometers are now ready to use. Next task is the moving and setup of Table-top SEM.

Apr 17, 2014

New Paper!!! Pyropia tenera(アサクサノリの光合成に関する論文)

New paper was out. Feature article:

Watanabe Y, Nishihara GN, Tokunaga S, Terada R. 2014. Effect of irradiance and temperature on the photosynthesis of a cultivated red alga, Pyropia tenera (= Porphyra tenera), at the southern limit of distribution in Japan. 
Phycological Research. DOI: 10.1111/pre.12053


Pyropia tenera (Conchocelis-Stage) アサクサノリの胞子体期(微少世代)

Apr 13, 2014

Cover photo of Phycolgical Research

Please take a look at the current issue of Phycological Research. Cover photo was used from our article, that is featuring a freshwater endangered and endemic alga, Nemalionopsis tortuosa.
Phycological Research (Willey)の最新号の表紙には、私たちの調査で撮影されたオキチモズクの写真が用いられています。論文も掲載されていますので、興味のある方はご覧下さい。
Featured article:
Fujimoto M, Nitta K, Nishihara GN, Terada R 2014. Phenology, irradiance and temperature characteristics of a freshwater red alga, Nemalionopsis tortuosa (Thoreales), from Kagoshima, southern Japan. Phycological Research 62: 77-85.

Renovation completed(研究室の改修終了)

This week, we have moved to the recently renovated building, and started new semester research. Indeed, we were in the temporary office in the past six month during the renovation. Now we can expand our research more widely as the leading lab in the Japanese phycological research.

半年間の仮住まいを経て、全面改修された5号館に戻ってきました。5号館は間取りも含めて全面的に改修され、新しい海藻研は3階に移転しました。押し葉標 本専用の標本庫も整備され、収蔵枚数の増加に対応可能です。まだ中央実験台や実験用の流し台、Table-top SEM用の机が納品されていませんが、連休明けには届くようです。


Apr 3, 2014