Sep 26, 2017

International Symposium “Fisheries Science for future generations”

International Symposium “Fisheries Science for future generations” was held at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), Tokyo, during 22 - 24 September as the 85th years anniversary meeting of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.
Dr. Endo and his two Msc students, Ms. Shimada and Ms. Fukumoto presented own studies in the poster session.

Sep 23, 2017




Sep 7, 2017

International Phycological Congress in Poland

The 11th International Phycological Congress was held in Szczecin, Poland. Two researchers of MBL, Dr. Ryuta Terada and Ms. Iris Ann Borlongan attended there, and presented their recent topics of research. Terada was also contributed as a chairperson in the oral session of Marine Algal Ecology. Next conference, IPC12 will be held in Chile.

Opening Ceremony

Ice Breaker

Oral session of the Marine Algal Ecology