Ryuta TERADA Ph.D.
Professor, Dean
United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences,
Kagoshima University
Joint affiliation: Faculty of Fisheries
Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands (KURCPI)
Kagoshima University Museum

寺田 竜太 (博士・水産学)
鹿児島大学大学院連合農学研究科 教授 研究科長
併任: 鹿児島大学学術研究院農水産獣医学域水産学系 教授

Ryuta TERADA: He was born in Kumamoto and raised in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. He obtained a PhD at Hokkaido University in 1999, where he studied Biology and Fisheries Science. For more than 20 years, he has been studying macroalgae and seagrasses at Kagoshima University. His research focuses on the diversity and ecophysiology of algae and seagrasses, specifically regarding climate change and the degradation of the coastal ecosystem. He has published over 100 articles in international and regional journals. In addition, he has extensive experience conducting field surveys using SCUBA, having done so more than 2000 times. He is also an expert in seaweed cultivation techniques, specializing in Pyropia (Nori), Undaria (Wakame), Caulerpa (Umi-budo), Kappaphycus, and Saccharina (Kombu).

Elective Posts
Board of Council: Japanese Society of Phycology (2009-2012, 2015-).
Editor-in-Chief: Japanese Journal of Phycology (2008-2012).
Editorial Board: Algae, Korean Journal of Phycology (2008-2009).

The 14th and 25th Best Paper Award: Japanese Society of Phycology.

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日本藻類学会:評議員(2009-2012, 2015-),学会誌「藻類」編集長(2008-2012)
Algae(韓国藻類学会誌):編集委員( 2008-2009)






Chuuk Lagoon, FSM
Terada's professional interests lie in the biodiversity of seaweed and seagrass, as well as in promoting sustainable utilization of seaweed resources worldwide. He has extensive experience conducting field surveys using SCUBA, having done so more than 2,000 times.