Feb 28, 2015

The Authors of Phycologia(国際藻類学会のFacebookで紹介されました)

An official Facebook of Phycologia, International Phycological Society, featured the current and forthcoming articles of our lab including Ryuta TERADA. We are honored to receive this kind of opportunity.
Please take a look at the link.


国際藻類学会のFacebookの企画「The Auhtors of Phycologia」で当研究室の寺田が紹介されました。最近発表した論文(Phycologiaの1月号と3月号)を通して,最もエキサイティングなことと大変だったことをコメントしています。



Feb 27, 2015

Symposium "Biodiversity of Ryukyu Islands, its characteristics and conservation" (日本生態学会講演会「南西諸島の生物多様性,その成立と保全」)

We will be having an symposium entitled as "Biodiversity of Ryukyu Islands, its characteristics and conservation" at 62th annual meeting of Ecological Society of Japan. The annual meeting of ESJ is held only for the members, but this symposium is open for the public. Free of charge.
 It will be held at #101 room, Faculty of Education, Kagoshima University at 13:00 to 16:30 on March 22 2015.





Feb 21, 2015

The effect on the irradiance and temperature on the photosynthesis of Sargassum fusiforme(ヒジキの光合成に関する論文)

New paper was just accepted !!
This is a result of a part of dissertation of MSc thesis by the first author.

水圏植物学研究室の國分翔伍さんと共同研究者の論文が国際藻類学会(International Phycological Society)の学術雑誌「Phyclogia」に受理(掲載が承認)されました。

Kokubu, S., Nishihara, G. N., Watanabe, Y., Tsuchiya, Y., Amano, Y., Terada, R. 2015. The effect of irradiance and temperature on the photosynthesis of a native brown alga, Sargassum fusiforme (Fucales) from Kagoshima, Japan. Phycologia 54: (in press)

Recipe of Chondria crassicaulis(ユナの食べ方(鹿児島県薩摩川内市の地方名ギンバサ))

Introducing the recipe of Chondria crassicaulis
Chondria crassicaulis (Rhodomelaceae) is a red alga that can be found on the rocky substrata in the lower intertidal zone, and is distributed in all four major islands of Japan. This species is not typical edible alga like Nori; however, local people in the rural fishermen villages in Kagoshima prefer this species as the spring natural foodstuff.

ユナ(Chondria crassicaulis紅藻イギス目フジマツモ科)は北海道から九州にかけて広く分布する紅藻です。中国地方の日本海側では食用にする地域があるようですが,食用海 藻として流通することはほとんどありません。鹿児島でも薩摩川内市などの一部で食べられていますが,地域内で消費されることがほとんどです。

ユナChondria crassicaulis(紅藻イギス目フジマツモ科)


Feb 14, 2015

Keynote in Amakusa, Kumamoto(第1回天草海づくり報告会で講演)

Ryuta Terada was invited to the regional fisherman's conference that was held by Amakusa Municipal Office in Kumamoto Prefecture, and gave a talk. Our lab has conducted the field surveys in this region for more than 10 years, and in the keynote, he reported the current status of kelp forest including the coastal ecosystem.



Feb 10, 2015

NEW PAPER !! Hydropuntia edulis and Hydropuntia eucheumatoides(ベトナム産リュウキュウオゴノリとカタオゴノリの光合成に関する論文)

Our new paper was published from Phycolgia.

Featured article:
Triet Duy Vo, Gregory N. Nishihara, Yoshiaki Kitamura, Satoshi Shimada, Shigeo Kawaguchi, and Ryuta Terada (2015) The effect of irradiance and temperature on the photosynthesis of Hydropuntia edulis and Hydropuntia eucheumatoides (Gracilariaceae, Rhodophyta) from Vietnam. Phycologia: 2015, Vol. 54, No. 1, pp. 24-31.
Hydropuntia eucheumatoides

Feb 6, 2015

Fishermen's conference in Kagoshima(鹿児島県水産多面的機能発揮対策事業報告会で講演)

Ryuta Terada was invited to the regional fishermen's conference that was held by Kagoshima Prefecture.