May 11, 2015

New article: Gelidiella acerosa from Thailand(タイ産シマテングサの光合成に関する研究)

This article was already published online in September 2014 (as Online First); and now, it was published as the printed matter.
Fujimoto, M., Nishihara, G. N., Prathep, A., Terada, R. 2014. The effect of irradiance and temperature on the photosynthesis of an agarophyte, Gelidiella acerosa (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta), from Krabi, Thailand. Journal of Applied Phycology 27 (3): 1235-1242. DOI: 10.1007/s10811-014-0409-0

May 10, 2015

2nd day in Hyogo(WS2日目)

On the second day, annual monitoring survey was successfully done in Takeno that is facing to the Sea of Japan. Fortunately, there was calm waters under the fine clear sky.

Sargassum community in Takeno

May 9, 2015

Workshop for the seaweed survey in Kobe University(神戸大の藻場モニタリングワークショップに参加)

Two students of our lab participated with a workshop that was held at Kobe University. This WS was held as the joint activity of the annual survey for the long-term assessment of natural seaweed communities (Grant from the Ministry of Environments).

For this survey and WS, more than ten phycologists and students from five different institutions were participated. As the first day, we conducted the field survey at the site in Awajishima-Island that is facing to the Kitan Straits, Pacific Ocean.