Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

Nov 26, 2016

Marine Botany Lab welcomes a new faculty member

Marine Botany Lab is proud to announce that Dr. Hikaru Endo has joined the MBL in Kagoshima University as the new full-time Assistant Professor. He studied marine algae and benthic biological organisms at the undergraduate and postgraduate schools of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, and received the BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees. His research at MBL focuses on to elucidating that how environments influence to the ecophysiology and community structure of marine macroalgae.
MBL is very excited that he brings his expertise to the lab.

Photo: At the Kagoshima University Marine Station in Nagashima Island.
Prof. Ryuta Terada (right) and Assist. Prof. Hikaru Endo (right).

Nov 20, 2016


渡邉裕基,Gregory N. Nishihara,寺田竜太.2016.九州に生育するオニアマノリとイチマツノリ配偶体の光合成に対する光と温度の影響
藻類 64(3): 131-138