Sep 28, 2012




Sep 26, 2012

Seagrass community in Koshiki Islands(甑島のアマモ場)

Koshiki Islands Fishermen's Union, Kagshima Prefecture, invited me to the island to attend the meeting for the conservation of seagrass community. Before the meeting that is held in the evening, fortunately, I had a opportunity to check the current status of seagrass and seaweed with some local people. A boat departed from Teuchi Fishing harbor.


Sep 24, 2012

Monthly survey at Nagashima Island(大学院生が長島町で調査)

On September 6, MS student Soku conducted his monthly survey using Diving-PAM at Nagashima Island. Eckloniopsis was still present but most of all plants had sorus.

Soku is using the Diving-PAM


Sep 18, 2012

Seagrass conference in Obama (全国アマモサミット2012 in 若狭)

Annual conference of Japanese seagrass conservation 2012 will be held at the Obama Fisheries High School in Fukui Prefecture. Application form can be downloaded from the following website (text: Japanese only). Deadline of the poster presentation is October 15.

全国アマモサミット2012 in 若狭が11月10日(土)に福井県立小浜水産高校(小浜市)で開催されます。詳細については上記のサイトをご覧下さい。ポスター発表の締切は10月15日となっています。

Sep 17, 2012

Leptofauchea leptophylla (トゲナシマダラの論文)

Dr. Masahiro Suzuki and his collaborators recently published a paper regarding the re-assessment of Fauchea leptophylla from Kagoshima, Japan.


Leptofauchea leptophylla

Sep 16, 2012

Autumn meeting of JSFS(日本水産学会秋季大会に参加)

Three MS students attended the autumn meeting of Japanese Society of Fisheries Science that was held at National Fisheries University, Shimonoseki City. Two of the three students were the first attendance to the academic conference.


Because JSFS conference comprises whole field of fisheries science (i.e. fish biology to economical studies), we could learn various talking and poster sessions. Unfortunately, there was little  presentations in the field of phycology except for some oral and poster secessions. However, we were very lucky that we could talk with some specialists of seaweed ecophysiology in our poster session.