Sep 16, 2012

Autumn meeting of JSFS(日本水産学会秋季大会に参加)

Three MS students attended the autumn meeting of Japanese Society of Fisheries Science that was held at National Fisheries University, Shimonoseki City. Two of the three students were the first attendance to the academic conference.


Because JSFS conference comprises whole field of fisheries science (i.e. fish biology to economical studies), we could learn various talking and poster sessions. Unfortunately, there was little  presentations in the field of phycology except for some oral and poster secessions. However, we were very lucky that we could talk with some specialists of seaweed ecophysiology in our poster session.


Before arriving the conference at the National Fisheries University, we visited to the Shimonoseki City Aquarium that is locating on the coast of Kanmon straits. It is the biggest aquarium in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and a alumni of our department is working there. Here, there was an aquarium of the kelp forest, Eisenia.

Shimonoseki Aquarium