Sep 26, 2012

Seagrass community in Koshiki Islands(甑島のアマモ場)

Koshiki Islands Fishermen's Union, Kagshima Prefecture, invited me to the island to attend the meeting for the conservation of seagrass community. Before the meeting that is held in the evening, fortunately, I had a opportunity to check the current status of seagrass and seaweed with some local people. A boat departed from Teuchi Fishing harbor.


Zostera marina in Shimokoshiki Island
There were typical vegetative and reproductive shoots, suggesting that the presence of both shoots might be perennial plants. Although the annual plants that are growing in Kagoshima Bay already disappeared after its maturation, this community seems to be good condition.


Halophila nipponica
Halophila nipponica was also present around the Zostera community.

Stypopodium zonale
After the observation at seagrass bed, we moved to the offshore seawall to observe some seaweeds. Although a brown alga, Stypopodium zonale, is quite common around this area, this characteristic color was noticeable in natural habitat.

Chondria lancifolia
After the fieldwork, I edited video that was taken today for evening meeting.  The meeting was instructive to me and local people, and they discussed future action for the conservation of seagrass community. I thank to Mr Wada of Koshiki branch office of Kagoshima Prefecture Government.