May 23, 2013

Hydropuntia eucheumatoides Survey(リュウキュウオゴノリの調査)

We conducted the field survey at an island offshore of Nha Trang City to collect some species of Gracilaria including Hydropuntia eucheumatoides. It is known as one of the edible alga that is sold at the local market in Nha Trang. Although, it is listed as one of the endangered species in Japan due to the degradation of the Japanese habitat.
今日はボートを借り切って,Nha Trang市の沖合にあるHon Tre島で調査をおこないました。今日のターゲットは,市場でも売られていたリュウキュウオゴノリです。本種は(ベトナムで)食用にされる有用種ですが,日本では環境省のレッドリストに掲載されている(日本での絶滅が危惧される)絶滅危惧種です。

 We departed from the harbor.

May 22, 2013

Sargassum Harvest in Nha Trang

On the fourth day in Nha Trang, Vietnam, we conducted the field survey at Hon Chong district to collect seaweeds. Before arriving at sampling site, we stopped at a sandy beach. We could see some fisherman's activity.

Fisherman harvested Sargassum after the drying.

After that, we conducted the field survey, and finished the collecting samples successfully. Tomorrow, we will conduct another survey at a site that is located in the offshore island.

New paper: Bispinodinium angelaceum from Mageshima

New paper was out - feature article.
Norico Yamada, Ryuta Terada, Ayumi Tanaka and Takeo Horiguchi. Bispinodinium angelaceum gen. et sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), a new sand-dwelling dinoflagellate from the seafloor off Mageshima Island, Japan. Journal of Phycology (early view in on line)

This is a part of Ph.D. dissertation by the first author. Congratulation! Yamada-san.


May 21, 2013

Kappaphycus survey in Vietnam

I am staying in Vietnam to conduct a PAM survey since the last weekend. This is the photo of my temporal base at the fisherman's housing that is facing Kappaphycus farm. I am measuring the diurnal change of  photosynthesis at every hour during daytime.

Kappaphycus farm is located in the Cam Ranh Bay that can be arrived at within one hour drive from Nha Trang City. There is no waves, but the current is quite strong like a river.

Nha Trang 今昔

Nha Trangを前回訪れたのは1999年ですが,当時と現在の街の変貌ぶりには驚くばかりです。ちなみに,1990年代初頭からベトナムを訪れているK口先生よると,1990年初頭のころはインフラ整備も遅れており,すごかったとか。

今回お世話になったNha Trang Institute of Research and Application。建物は変わりませんが,すっかりきれいになって,エレベータがついていました。

May 20, 2013

Edible seaweeds in the market (ベトナム・ニャチャン市のダム市場で見つけた食用海藻)

Before starting our field survey in the sea, we visited a public market in Nha Trang City. Although it was more than ten years ago, I visited here when I attended a international workshop on the taxonomy of economic seaweeds.

May 18, 2013




May 17, 2013

Undaria forest

Beautiful seaweed forest in Sakurajima, Kagoshima Bay. I collected some sample for the participants of Kagoshima Museum of Environment (See tomorrow's activity).

May 12, 2013

Field survey for diurnal change of photosynthesis(日出から日没までの調査)

Field survey for the diurnal change of the photosynthesis was conducted in Kagoshima Bay. Indeed, it was carried out from the sunrise through sunset.

Survey was started after 30 minutes of the sunrise. 

May 9, 2013



淡路島由良の調査サイト。毎年見ている光景ですが,今年は対岸の和歌山市がはっきり見えました。 沖に見えるのは神戸大の調査船「おのころ」です。