Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

Jan 31, 2013

Nori Cultivation in Tokyo Bay(富津岬沖の海苔養殖場とアマモ場)

Before landing at Tokyo Haneda airport, airplane sometimes passes through over Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo. So, especially in Winter season, I always reserve a window seat of the right side to see Nori (Porphyra / Pyropia) cultivation that is conducted at off the coast of Chiba Prefecture in Tokyo Bay. However, if you want to see the beautiful Mt Fuji, I recommend the left side seat.


Nori cultivation filed at off Futtsu Cape. I could find the numerous rectangle nets on the sea.

Zostera marina bed at the Futtsu Cape. 

Jan 30, 2013

BS study poster session(卒業研究発表会)

Poster session of the BS candidate in the Division of Fisheries Biology and Oceanography was held at Fisheries Department of Kagoshima University. Generally, BS candidates of Japanese national universities are required to conduct own research to get the credit of compulsory subject, "BS Thesis".


Jan 29, 2013

Pyropia (=Porphyra) tenera survey using Diving-PAM(大学院生がDiving-PAMを使って日本最南端の養殖アサクサノリの調査を実施)

Mr Yuki, MS candidate of the Marine Botany Laboratory, conducted the field survey of photosynthetic activity at the aquaculture field of Pyropia (= Porphyra) tenera using the Diving-PAM. Diving-PAM is known to be a powerful tool to elucidate the photosynthetic characteristics at natural habitat especially in the field of coral and seagrass biology. Although there are some papers of Porphyra using Diving-PAM, I guess that his survey might be the first trial study for Japanese cultured species.


Jan 22, 2013

Caulerpa salad and drink (Seaweed survey in Krabi Thailand 1)

I will be in Krabi of Thailand this week to conduct the seaweed collection survey with Thai and Belgian scientists. Although detailed reports will be updated after come back home, I uploaded two photos of Caulerpa that were found in the dinner (not underwater, on the dish).

Jan 19, 2013



田中敏博, 吉満敏, 今吉雄二, 石賀好恵, 寺田竜太
鹿児島湾における藻場の分布と特性 日本水産学会誌 79(1): 20-30

Jan 18, 2013

T/S Nippon-Maru(帆船日本丸を見学)

Lab members had an opportunity to visit the T/S Nippon-Maru. This is a famous sailing vessel operated by NIST (National Institute for Sea Training), and is calling at Kagoshima Harbor. Unfortunately, I could not visit there.


Melosira varians

An owner of a resort hotel in Kirishima Heights, Kagoshima Prefecture, invited me to identify an unknown alga that is occurred in a fresh water pond.


Melosira varians
It wasn't a macro-alga. This alga was considered to be a diatom, Melosira varians on the basis of the characteristic morphology and habitat. Indeed, this species is known to be prefer higher pH waters around 8 to 9, and it was almost identical with those of this study site.