Aug 3, 2019

New article: Monitoring Stes 1000: Ten‐year overview and future perspectives 環境省モニタリングサイト1000沿岸域藻場モニタリング:10年間の成果と展望

Please check out our new article revealing the long-term shift of seaweed communities including the gap dynamics, influence of the climate change, and the tsunami disaster in 2011. It is the result of ten years of monitoring, and my sincere thanks to the total of 468 contributors for their active involvement and support during the survey.

Terada, R., Abe, M., Abe, T., Aoki, M., Dazai, A., Endo, H., Kamiya, M., Kawai, H., Kurashima, A., Motomura, T., Murase, N., Sakanishi, Y., Shimabukuro, H., Tanaka, J., Yoshida, G., Aoki, M. 2019 Japan's nationwide long‐term monitoring survey of seaweed communities known as the “Monitoring Sites 1000”: Ten‐year overview and future perspectives.

Phycological Research

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