Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

Jan 27, 2012



Jan 26, 2012



Jan 7, 2012

大隅半島でオキチモズクの生育調査(Nemalionopsis tortuosa survey in Osumi Peninsula)


Vallisneria asiatica

Ms Fujimoto, a BS candidate student, conducted her field trip to confirm the Nemaionopsis tortuosa at some wellsprings of Osumi Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture. In Osumi Peninsula, there are a lot of wellsprings; it is good place for the freshwater biologists.

Jan 5, 2012

津波が海産植物群落に与えた影響に関する講演(Tsunami impacts to the seaweed community in Tohoku region)


We had the special seminar of our laboratory that was entitled "The Tsunami impact to the seaweed / seagrass community in Tohoku region". Dr Muraoka of Tohoku National Fisheries Institute kindly attended it as the keynote speaker. More than thirty participants including some local government officers attended.