May 30, 2022

T/S Nansei-Maru Tokara Islands Survey: Gaja-jima Island

 As the second research voyage of the T/S Nansei-Maru for our lab in May, we conducted the Tokara Islands survey featuring an uninhabited island, Gaja-jima island, northern Ryukyu Archipelago. This is the collaboration survey of the Marine Ecology, Ichthyology, and Marine Botany labs at Kagoshima University.

Underwater view of the off of Gaja-jima Island

Gaja-jima Island

Kogaja-jima Island

Gaja-jima Island

Caulerpa filicoides

T/S Nansei-Maru, Kagoshima University

A view of Yakushima-Island, from T/S Nansei-Maru