Jan 29, 2013

Pyropia (=Porphyra) tenera survey using Diving-PAM(大学院生がDiving-PAMを使って日本最南端の養殖アサクサノリの調査を実施)

Mr Yuki, MS candidate of the Marine Botany Laboratory, conducted the field survey of photosynthetic activity at the aquaculture field of Pyropia (= Porphyra) tenera using the Diving-PAM. Diving-PAM is known to be a powerful tool to elucidate the photosynthetic characteristics at natural habitat especially in the field of coral and seagrass biology. Although there are some papers of Porphyra using Diving-PAM, I guess that his survey might be the first trial study for Japanese cultured species.


Anyway, they departed to the aquaculture field. This site, Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture, is the southernmost aquaculture-field of Porphyra in Japan.

Time was almost high tide, we could see Porphyra under the water. It will be harvested at this afternoon.


He is measuring the quantum yield of living Porphyra at the underwater. Later, he finished everything successfully.