May 21, 2013

Kappaphycus survey in Vietnam

I am staying in Vietnam to conduct a PAM survey since the last weekend. This is the photo of my temporal base at the fisherman's housing that is facing Kappaphycus farm. I am measuring the diurnal change of  photosynthesis at every hour during daytime.

Kappaphycus farm is located in the Cam Ranh Bay that can be arrived at within one hour drive from Nha Trang City. There is no waves, but the current is quite strong like a river.

 Early morning, people had already harvested Kappaphycus.

Kappaphycus on the ground. People laid it to dry by sunlight.

I measured the photosynthesis of Kappaphycus under the water every one hour. Fortunately, fisherman kindly took us to its cultivation field. It is located just in front of their field housing, however, due to its strong current, it is hard to swim to go there.

Kappaphycus alvarezii

After the measurement, I recorded the memory number and time. Survey was conducted from the sunrise to sunset.