May 7, 2014

Annual survey in Awaji-shima(淡路島で環境省モニタリングサイトの調査を実施)

An annual field survey of the long-term monitoring of kelp forest was conducted in Awaji-shima Island. This is the part of governmental nation-wide survey, and the phycologists of some universities and research institution were attended. The results of this survey will be published from the Japanese Ministry of Environment by the end of next March.

Ecklonia cava カジメ

We experienced the good weather with fine clear sky. More importantly, there was no waves and turbid water.
I have been to this site every May in the past five years, but this time, I am really and really impressed at the wonderful kelp forest, Ecklonia cava.

水圏植物学研究室は生物相の長期変化をモニタリングする環境省のプロジェクトに協力しています。今回,兵庫県の淡路島豊岡市竹野の調査に参加しました。こ の2ヵ所のサイトは神戸大学が担当しており,三重大学,水産大学校,瀬戸内海区水産研究所,鹿児島大学の藻類研究者が調査に協力しました。