Jan 3, 2023

January issue of Phycological Research

Please check out the cover page of the January issue of Phycological Research. In Kagoshima, Japan, you can see a beautiful underwater view of an edible brown alga, Sargassum fusiforme.


Two articles from my lab are in this issue.

Yonemori, Kokubu, Nishihara, Endo, Terada 2023. The effects of desiccation and salinity gradients in the PSII photochemical efficiency of an intertidal brown alga, Sargassum fusiforme from Kagoshima, Japan


Ito, Yoshioka, Shimabukuro, Nishihara, Endo, Terada 2023. The effect of temperature, light-spectrum, desiccation, and salinity gradients on the photosynthetic performance of a subtidal brown alga, Sargassum macrocarpum from Japan