Oct 12, 2012

Coral survey in Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture(五島列島でサンゴのモニタリングを実施)

This week, we had conducted a field survey regarding coral community including fish assemblage in Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture. This is the survey collaborated with the researchers of Nagasaki University and National Institute of Environmental Studies (NIES, Tsukuba City). Goto Island is located offshore of western coast of Kyushu Island.

We left from Nagasaki Harbor by the express boat. We could see absolutely beautiful Mt Inasayama. It is a symbolic mountain of Nagasaki City.

After we arrived at Fukue City of Goto Islands, we moved to a monitoring site by small private boat.

There was a large and beautiful coral community on the subtidal area around 5m deep.

There was little seaweed community on the coral community, however, we could find seagrass bed on the sandy muddy bottom near corals. Basically, I guess that coral and seagrass exist on the different habitat in a cove. However, we could find some juvenile corals on the pebbles in the seagrass bed, suggesting that corals can be invaded into the seagrass community if there was any small substratum.

調査の様子は長崎大学の進化・行動生態学のweb siteでも紹介されています。