Jul 24, 2015

New paper!!! Thorea gaudichaudii(シマチスジノリの生態と光合成に関する論文)

New paper was out! Feature article:
Terada, R., Watanabe, Y., Fujimoto, M., Tatamidani, I., Kokubu, S., Nishihara, G. N. 2015.
The effect of PAR and temperature on the photosynthetic performance of a freshwater red alga, Thorea gaudichaudii (Thoreales) from Kagoshima, Japan
Journal of Applied Phycology DOI: 10.1007/s10811-015-0660-z

Thorea gaudichaudiiシマチスジノリ


Thorea gaudichaudii is a freshwater red alga that is distributed in the freshwater spring in the islands of tropical western Pacific including Ryukyu Archipelago. This species can be found in well-shaded freshwater spring without direct sunlight. We elucidated the irradiance and temperature environment of the habitat, and reported the characteristic photosynthetic performance of this alga.
This is the sixth article from our lab. 

環境省の絶滅危惧種でもある淡水紅藻,シマチスジノリの生育環境と光合成に関する論文が藻類学の国際誌であるJournal of Applied Phycologyから出ました。