Jun 17, 2011


この調査は神戸大、 三重大、水産大、鹿大(年によっては海洋大や水研も)の研究者が参加する大規模な調査で、他大学の先生方とお話しすることができるのも楽しみのひとつです。

Last week, I joined a field survey of Takeno Town, that has organized by Dr Kawai (Kobe Univ) and his team. Although I joined it since three years ago, every time I am very glad to attend it because it is really valuable opportunity for me. I have received a good influence from them regarding new topics and methods.

ジョロモクMyagropsis myagroides
I could find a large Myagropsis forest at coastal area. It was a really beautiful world.

ウミゾウメンNemalion vermiculare