Dec 4, 2011

大森海苔のふるさと館を見学 (Omori Nori Museum, Tokyo)


Omori Nori (Porphyra) Museum, Ohta Ward, Tokyo, is a public museum regarding the historic Nori aquaculture. Omori district, near the Tokyo International Airport, is a major coastal industrial area in Tokyo, however, it was the biggest Nori aquaculture field in Tokyo Bay until 1960s. Due to the expansion of industrial area including the airstrip, Nori aquaculture field was completely buried; and its fishery was closed completely by the end of 1960s.  This museum has been operated by local non-profit organization to exhibit the folklore of Nori fishery for current and future generations.

Museum was located walking distance from the Heiwajima Station of Keikyu Railway Line. Fisherman village was already disappeared; however, there is still many seaweed business companies in this distrct, suggesting that here was the former Nori village.

We could see the exhibition of old-handmade Nori processing method in the museum. Now it is completely changed to automatic processing method. Here is good place to feel old Japanese lifestyle. 

This is the presentation of Porphyra life history. Its life history was reported by Dr.Drew of English scientist in 1949. Then, production of Nori was quickly increased by the improvement of aquaculture in gametophyte-culture method.

Nori Product in Omori was formerly known as the major brand, "Asakusa-Nori", in Japan. We can regard the disappearance of Nori fishery in Omori influenced the decline of local culture and custom.