May 7, 2012

神戸大の調査に参加 (Filed survey in Hyogo Prefecture)

After I finished the seaweed observation program in Sakurajima, I moved to Awajishima Island of Hyogo Prefecture via Kobe by Shinkansen. Because I arrived at marine station of Kobe University at 10 o'clock, It was around five hours trip.

Next morning, I attended the field survey of Kobe University. Phycologists of some other institutions including Mie University, National Fisheries University also attended.

It was absolutely beautiful seaweed forest. I think that the species richness of this site might be relatively higher than other places in Osaka Bay.
After we finished today's survey, we moved to....

....opposite side of the Pacific.  It was around three hours trip.

In the evening, we had a dinner at Takeno Town facing sea of Japan. We will be having a survey at this town tomorrow.