Dec 8, 2012

Coral survey in Tsushima Island(対馬でサンゴ調査)

As the series of survey regarding coral community including fish assemblage, we had conducted a survey in Tsushima Island. This is the survey collaborated with the researchers of Nagasaki University and National Institute of Environmental Studies (NIES, Tsukuba City). Tsushima Island is located offshore of northwestern coast of Kyushu Island near south Korea.


There was an absolutely beautiful Acropora pruinosa community. This species can commonly be found in Kyushu island, however, I did not know that it is distributed in Tsushima.

Seaweed was hardly found in the coral community. We could find Martensia fragilis only as a dominant seaweed on the corals. 海藻はほとんどなかったのですが,アヤニシキはきれいでした。