Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

Aug 2, 2013

Old but important books(古いけど大切な書籍)

We will be moving our laboratory to a temporal facility by the end of this month for the renovation of the current building. It will be renovated by the end of March. So, we have to move two times in a half year.
Anyway, we have to pack everything including equipments and books and move to the temporal facility. 

Today I packed old books in the carton boxes.

J. Agardh (1848). Species genera et Ordiens Algarum.....

Okamura (1900). Illustrations of the marine algae of Japan......

Okamura (1907). Icons of Japanese algae (Vol. 1-7).
岡村金太郎 日本藻類図譜(全7巻)

Our lab was established in 1946 by Dr Tanaka, and is known as one of the old phycological lab in Japan. Indeed. there are thousands of books including mentioned literature. There are also a lots of heavy delicate equipments (Incubators, Autoclaves, SEM, etc)................ I do not know I can move by the deadline.