Aug 1, 2013

Research voyage at off Mageshima Island(馬毛島沖で海洋調査を行いました)

We went on board the T/S Nanseimaru, Kagoshima University, and conducted the survey at offshore of Mageshima Island, northern end of the Ryukyu Archipelago.


At the study site, we collected sand-dwelling dinoflagellate from the seafloor at more than 30m deep using the bottom sampler. Furthermore, vertical distribution of underwater PAR and temperature were measured using CTD.
Mageshima Island
We experienced fine weather but wave was high.

Crews are setting up the bottom sampler. Later, we got samples.

Next, we measured seawater temperature, salinity, and underwater PAR using CTD.

Underwater PAR was measured every one second using underwater quantum loggers.


The past field survey contributed to publish some papers including the following article.

Yamada, N., Terada, R., Tanaka, A. and Horiguchi, T. (2013). Bispinodinium angelaceum gen. et sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), a new sand-dwelling dinoflagellate from the seafloor off Mageshima Island, Japan. Journal of Phycology 49(3): 555-569.

Dr Horiguchi will be presented our research at IPC10 that will be held next week in USA.