Mar 22, 2013

New book "The Islands of Kagoshima"(鹿児島の島々に関する英語の本を出版しました)

A new book entitled as "The Islands of Kagoshima" was out.

Kei KAWAI, Ryuta TERADA and Sueo KUWAHARA (eds.) 2013. The Islands of Kagoshima: Culture, Society, Industry and Nature. Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands (KURCPI), Kagoshima City. xii + 158 pages; 25.6 cm.
ISBN 978-4-9906958-0-4


From the cover page....
Kagoshima Prefecture is located in the southern part of Japan, and comprises of more than 600 islands, including 28 populated islands, and has the second largest number of islands among the prefectures in Japan. Kagoshima lies in the boundary zone between temperate and subtropical climates, and stretches over 600 km along the north-south axis. However, most significantly, Kagoshima has the richest diversity in both nature and human culture, suggesting the islands of Kagoshima are more distinctive than any other regions of Japan. This book comprises of 23 chapters and three columns written by specialists, and features the characteristic culture, society, industry and nature of the islands in Kagoshima, and provides insights into future perspectives.

PDF of this book will also be available from the website of Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands in near future.