Mar 24, 2013

National Museum of Nature and Science(科博訪問)

On the way back from Hokkaido, I stopped over at the Herbarium of Botany Department, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tsukuba.
In the last time visit, buildings for other departments (that is expected to move from Tokyo) has still been constructed. But now, everything completed.

I checked some specimens of seaweeds and freshwater algae, and took photos. Can you see a big specimen just behind of photo stand?

This is the specimens of Undaria pinnatifida that was made by the late Dr Yoshizaki, Toho University. His specimens, which were deposited at Yamada Town Museum in Iwate Prefecture, were mostly destroyed and lost by the last Tsunami. This is a few survivors from this damage. A frond is placed on a extremely big paper (A0), and is eight times bigger than general herbarium paper (A3, left side carton paper).