Aug 21, 2011

北大室蘭臨海実験所(旧・理学部附属海藻研究施設)で調査 (Survey at the Muroran Marine Station of Hokkaido University)

This week, I had visited to the Muroran Marine-Station of Hokkaido University to do the field survey. It was a part of the national long-term survey project.

Muroran Marine Station (formerly, Algological  Research Institute) is located on the Charatsunai-Beach near Chikyu-Cape that is one of the most famous sightseeing spot of Muroran City. There is a beautiful rocky shore with huge kelp forest.

Wonderful view from the Marine Station
The building is just standing on the beach. We can swim from a slope directly. 

It is absolutely quiet and is isolated from the town. Good to study.

There were a lot of Kelp including Saccharina japonica, but the Phyllospadix iwatensis of Seagrass also stood out.