Aug 25, 2012

A new paper regarding Eucheuma and Kappaphycus

A former student of my lab recently published a new paper regarding the photosynthetic performance of two Indonesian carrageenophyte using the Diving-PAM. It was the part of his dissertation of the Ph.D.

Lideman, Gregory N. Nishihara, Tadahide Noro and Ryuta Terada:
Effect of temperature and light on the photosynthesis as measured by chlorophyll fluorescence of cultured Eucheuma denticulatum and Kappaphycus sp. (Sumba strain) from Indonesia

Journal of Applied Phycology 2012
DOI: 10.1007/s10811-012-9874-5

His another paper will also be published in September from Aquaculture Science, an official journal of Japanese society of aquaculture research.