Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

Aug 23, 2012

海ぶどう(クビレズタ)の分布と生育地 (Paper of Caulerpa lentillifera)



寺田竜太,田中敏博,内村真之2012.日本産クビレズタ(イワズタ目)の形態と分布:特に奄美群島以北での初記録について .植物研究雑誌87: 260–267.

Following paper regarding Japanese taxon of Caulerpa lentillifera was recently published from Japanese Journal of Botany. 

Terada, R., Tanaka, T. and Uchimura, M. 2012. Morphology and Distribution of Caulerpa lentillifera J. Agardh (Chrolophyceae) in Japanese Waters, Including the First Record from Southern Kyushu and Northern Ryukyu Islands. Jpn. J. Bot. 87: 260-267. Japanese text with English summary and caption.

Pre-printed pdf is available from the following site.