Apr 27, 2013

Sargassum fusiforme survey using Diving-PAM (ヒジキの調査)

MS student, Kokubu-kun, conducted his MS survey in Sakurajima, Kagoshima Bay. This survey focuses on to elucidating the dehydration tolerance of Sargassum fusiforme (Hijiki in Japanese) using Diving-PAM. It was carried out during low tide under the fine weather with clear sky.

 Morning time, tide is still high, but we started the survey.

 He is measuring the quantum yield using Diving-PAM.

 Hijiki is still under the water, but it will be exposed within a couple of minutes.

 Due to the ebb tide, hijiki was exposed in the air.
He had measured it during the the low tide.

 Late afternoon, tide was came back gradually, but he continued the measurements.
Due to the flood tide, measurement was carried out in the underwater.

 Just before the sunset, survey was finished successfully.