Mar 30, 2011

第14回日本藻類学会論文賞 (14th Best Paper Award of Japanese Society of Phycology)


The following two papers were the recipients of 14th Best Paper Award of Japanese Society of Phycology, for their contributions to algal research. They were selected from the official journal, Phycological Research Volume 58 (2010).

Goro Tanifuji, Naoko T. Onodera and Yoshiaki Hara.
Nucleomorph genome diversity and its phylogenetic implications in cryptomonad algae. Phycological Research 58(3): 230–237 (2010).

Gregory N. Nishihara and Ryuta Terada.
Species richness of marine macrophytes is correlated to a wave exposure gradient. Phycological Research 58(4): 280–292 (2010).