Nov 17, 2011

園山池の調査 (Survey at Sonoyama-ike, Kagoshima)


Sonoyama-ike is a lagoon in Sakurajima (active volcano) that was separated from the shore by the expansion of lava more than hundred years ago. It is filled with the brackish water coming from outside shore by way of the gaps of lava rocks. There is tidal changes.


Here is the famous place for some phycologists who are studying about Bostrychia
It was reported from this site by Tanaka in 1953. Today, we tried to confirm its current presence in Sonoyama-ike.

This is Sonoyama-ike. It is not far from the public road, however, there was no trail to access this lagoon. We walked across the forest and arrived here.

ありました。 潮位からすると相当高い場所に生育していますが,マット状になることで干出時の乾燥に耐えているのかもしれません。

Finally, we could find it. It was growing on the volcanic rocks of the upper intertidal zone.


We could see big eruption with the sound.
Today, Mt Sakurajima was very active, and volcano welcomed us with its ash.