Nov 20, 2011

全国アマモサミットが大阪で開催 (Seagrass conference in Osaka)


Seagrass conference of Japan was held in Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN today, and MS student, Kawano, attended it as the contributor of poster presentation.

KAIYUKAN is known as one of the popular aquarium in Japan.

 Although I did not enroll to this meeting, I attended it on the way from Kyoto to home. This conference is held for ordinary people who have interest for the conservation of coastal ecosystem. Some researchers including my student also attended it, but is not the meeting for researchers.

MS student K. He is talking his research with a participant.

Fisherman, students, and school teachers talked their activities for the conservation of seagrass bed. As my impression, I think that scientific education of the seagrass biology must be accelerated for the success of their future activities.