Nov 16, 2011

鹿児島県水産技術開発センター (Kagoshima Prefecture Fisheries Technology and Development Center )


A phycologist, Dr K of National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, is visiting our lab this week. I took him to Kagoshima Prefecture Fisheries Technology and Development Center (KPFTDC) today.

A herbarium of KPFTDC has more than five thousand sheets of seaweed specimens, and is known as one of the largest collection of seaweed specimens in Japanese fisheries research institution. He observed many specimens that were collected from Kagoshima Prefecture including endemic and endangered species.

KPFTDC also has had received high evaluation in the field of seaweed culture techniques.

Sargassum forest in the tank....... It is famous that long term culture requires sophisticated techniques. They continue its culture nearly (or more than) ten years. Incredible.

Ventricaria aegagropila culture. Some of them are floating !