Jun 6, 2012

Diving-PAMを使って藻場調査 (Field survey in Nagashima)

M1のS田君,W邊君がDiving-PAMを使って長島町で藻場調査をおこないました。 長島町は鹿児島県北西部に位置し,鹿児島大学水産学部東町ステーションがあるところです。
Two MS students conducted their field survey in Nagashima Island, that is located northwestern part of Kagoshima. They used the Diving-PAM to measure quantum yield of Eckloniopsis radicosa. 

Soku is just measuring the quantum yield of Eckloniopsis at the depth of 20m. 

Yuki is collecting his samples.

After finished the survey, we changed temperature data-logger at the marine station. Because it was placed in the underwater more than one year, a lot of organisms covered it.  Data was safe.