Jun 9, 2012

垂水市で藻場調査 (Field survey in Tarumizu, Kagoshima Bay)


This year, as the conservation project of seaweed community that is supported  by national and local governments, we will conduct the distributional survey of seaweed/seagrass community along the coast of Ohsumi Peninsula in the Kagoshima Bay. Distance of coastline is estimated more than 30km.

As the first day of our survey, we conducted it at the southern part of Tarumizu City.

We confirmed a large seagrass bed at just northern part of Kunugi-Baru Fisherman's harbor.

Coastal line was mainly consisted of sandy and muddy bottom. Then, Sargassum community was restricted only on the offshore rocks and artificial breakwaters.

Second day, we surveyed at northern part of the city. We collected the seaweeds/seagrass along the shoreline by SCUBA and snorkeling.


As the contrast, coastal line of northern part was mainly composed of rocks and boulders. There were quite a lots of Sargassum community.

マメタワラ Sargassum piluliferum