Jun 14, 2012

天草牛深でサンゴ・海藻調査 (Field survey in Ushibuka, Amakusa Island)


Yuki, MS candidate, attended a field survey of coral community conducted by the researchers of NIES (National Institute for Environmental Studies). He surveyed seaweed community structure on the corals. Two researchers of AMBL (Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory, Kyushu University) also joined it to record the fish fauna.

Departed from Ushibuka Harbor. It was fine day with calm waves.

He surveyed the seaweed community that is growing around of the corals.

Sargassum tenuifolium
There were some Sargassum species including Sargassum tenuifolium.

Second day, we investigated at another site of the island.

Here, we found quite a lot of Colpomenia sinuosa. They were present together with the corals. Sargassum community was restricted only at the upper sublittoral zone.

Stypopodium zonale
We also found some species of Dictyotaceae. Stypopodium zonale was the most common species in this site.

Usually, we had focused only on the seaweed at the study site. During this survey, we had a lots of time to talk with fish and coral scientist regarding their specialty and ecosystem. I guess that this experience might be good influence to Yuki's future study. I express my thanks to everyone who attended this survey.