Apr 21, 2011

下甑島での調査、チャボオバクサ、カメノテ (Field Work in Shimokoshiki Island, including Pterocladiella nana)


Yesterday and today, I was in Shimo-Koshiki island to conduct the survey and meeting. Shimo-Koshiki Island is an island chain of Koshiki Islands, 40km of the west offshore from Satsuma Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture. 
I had visited this island several times. However, it was the first time visit to Teuchi village that is located in the southern-most place of the island. 

Beautiful sun set at Teuchi Beach
At Teuchi Village, I could see a beautiful sandy beach with numerous drifting seaweeds. There was Hypnea yamadae, originally reported by Dr Tanaka in 1950s.


On rocky shore, I could also find a small red alga, Pterocladiellla nana (Gelidiales). Although this species is known as the raw agar material for island people, it is also interesting species by phylogenetic view point. You can read it in detail in the following paper.

Shimada, Horiguchi and Masuda (2000)

At the last dinner, I could have a traditional local seafood, boiled Pollicipes.  It is popular seafood for island people of Kagoshima Prefecture. The taste was good like crab.