Apr 14, 2011

福岡県産(有明海)海苔の販売枚数が過去最高 (Highest production ever recorded, Nori (Porphyra) of Fukuoka)



Harvested Nori (Porphyra) from Ariake Bay of Fukuoka Prefecture had sold more than 2.2 billion sheets in the last winter season (Dec 2010 through March 2011). It was the highest production ever recorded.
Nishinippon Shinbun (Newspaper), Fukuoka City, reported (Mar 29).

Nori of Saga Prefecture (Ariake Bay) had also sold more than 2.1 billion sheets, and 200 million sheets might be added until end of the season. I guess that good weather condition and absence of serious disease might be contributed to their production.