Apr 9, 2011

海松文(ミルの紋様)の陶磁器 (Traditional Codium pattern on the Amakusa porcelain)



Distinguished appearance of Codium fragile (green algae) has been recognized in Japanese culture from more than thousand years ago, and ancient people had printed it on various clothes or porcelains. We know the "Codium pattern" as "Miru-Mon" in Japanese.
On the way to the field work, I visited a traditional porcelain manufactory that makes "Miru-Mon" porcelain in Amakusa Island, Kumamoto Prefecture.



Amakusa-Takahama-Yaki (manufactory) was established in 17th Century. First, chief manager of the manufactory took me to the museum to show the oldest plate they have. He suggested that this old plate was made in the 18th century.
Pale blue-colored Codium is pretty cool.


These products are the current models. A big plate in the center of photo was the reproduction of museum model, and I bought it.

By the way, I have another treasure in my housing. That is ......