Apr 20, 2011

津波による三陸ワカメの影響 (Tsunami Disaster: Damage of Undaria cultivation)


Yomiuri Shinbun (Newspaper)

Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture, the Pacific coast of Tohoku region, Japan, are known as the most famous Undaria cultivation field in Japan, and their productions  occupy 45% and 30% of Japanese production, each. Unfortunately,  almost all Undaria farms in this region have  been strongly damaged by 3.11 Tsunami disaster. Yomiuri Shinbun (newspaper), Tokyo, reported (Apr 20).

Note (RT): Initial cost to establish Undaria cultivation is known to be relatively lower than other fisheries aquaculture. Free-living gametophyte has already been stocked in  some research Institution. I guess that cultivation will be recovered partly in next season.