Apr 29, 2011

最南端のアマモ群落で調査 (Field survey of Zostera marina at the southern-most distributional lmit of western Pacific)

Mr Kawano, MS Candidate of Marine Botany Lab, conducted the field survey at Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.  He has a project of eco-physiological study of Japanese seagrass, Zostera marina. This seagrass bed is known to be the southern-most distributional limit of Zostera marina in the western Pacific.

Zostera marina L. 

He was deeply impressed by beautiful seagrass bed. The condition of Zostera seems to be good.  In the last winter season, seawater temperature was relatively lower than other years. For the southern-most Zostera community, low water-temperature might be influenced for the growth of seagrass. 

垂直分布構造を調査するために、ライントランゼクトを3本引きました。一般に、ラインを引くときは岸側を固定して船で敷設したり、船上で巻き上げます。 ここは陸からエントリーしたので、陸側に巻き上げ部分を設置し、沖合に泳いで(人力で)敷設しました。巻き上げはこうして手で巻いていきます。
He laid three line-transects to elucidate the zonation characteristics of Zostera marina. In the photo, we can see the slightly bright zone at offshore coast. It is the seagrass bed.