Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

May 2, 2011

学生が桜島で藻場調査(ワカメ、トゲナシマダラ)(Field work at Sakurajima)


On May 2, two students, Mrs Kurahori and Kuwayama, conducted their field survey at Sakurajima, Kagoshima. In Sakurajima, there is quite a lot of Undaria community.

桜島のワカメ群落 Undaria community at Sakurajima


Undaria pinnatifida is a famous edible seaweed in Japan. Its southern-most natural distributional limit is known to be Kagoshima (mainland), and is never distributed in Ryukyu Islands.
For Japanese, this species has been regarded as the economically important seaweed. However, for the regions of outside Northwestern Pacific, e.g. Europe, North America and Australia, it is known as an invasive seaweed.

It is the first time SCUBA survey for Mr Kuwayama, a new face of the lab. He is trying his best to keep up.

Mr Kurahori, who has a lot of SCUBA experience in Kagoshima Bay and others, had helped him to complete the survey.

They were deeply impressed by beautiful seaweed community and its ecosystem.

トゲナシマダラ Gloiocladia leptophylla (= Leptofauchea leptophylla)