Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

May 4, 2011

山口湾で養殖・販売されるカイガラアマノリ(紅きらら)(Porphyra tenuipedalis in Yamaguchi)




The latest issue of Yamaguchi Municipal Office Newsletter showed a photo of Porphyra tenuipedalis harvesting on its cover page (above).
This species has been recorded as an endangered species by Japanese Ministry of Environment, and is growing only on the sea shells at some restricted places in Japan including Yamaguchi Bay.  Although there was no commercial-size aquaculture, since Yamaguchi Prefecture Fisheries Research Center and local fishery union tried to establish the culture from 2009, it has been sold at some local shops in Yamaguchi.

山口市役所 市報やまぐち(4月1日号がダウンロードできます)



I looked for it at a local product shop in Yamaguchi, but it was already sold out (May 4).