May 15, 2011

葛西臨海水族園の企画展を見学 ("The Wonderland of Seaweed" at Tokyo Sea Life Park)

Mr Kawano, the MS student of the lab, visited the Tokyo Sea Life Park last month to watch the special exhibition.

葛西臨海水族園の入口 (Entrance of Tokyo Sea Life Park)


More than twenty years ago, I had a time to visit the Tokyo Sea Life Park that opened just a couple month ago. I was really impressed with it, because its really cool facility could be completely distinguished from any other aquarium of Japan. Now, Kawano-kun visited there for the first time, and had received similar impression with me. In Japan, This aquarium has been recognized as the pioneer of large-size aquarium that was built within the recent 20 years.

Entrance of seaweed exhibition.

This display shows the color composition of brown, green and red alga, respectively. I think it is really good display for kids.

As the researcher of seagrass, he cannot miss it.