May 16, 2011

薩摩竹島学術調査 (Field survey in Satsuma-Takeshima)


We visited to Satsuma-Takeshima Island a couple weeks ago by our university vessel, Nanseimaru. Satsuma-Takeshima is an isolated island in the northern part of Ryukyu Islands. It was the joint survey with the RCPI (Research Center for the Pacific Islands of Kagoshima University) that is including the faculties and students of the departments of education, law and letters.

We brought a boat on the Nanseimaru for coastal survey.


Arrived at Takeshima harbor.

After arrived at Takeshima, we departed for the diving survey. We can see the side view of Nanseimaru. Characteristic low rear deck was designed for the research activities of marine science. It's easy to move to the boat.

It was amazing world. 

Codium saccatum. This species is absolutely rare in Japan proper, however, I could see a lot of shoots here.

Ventricaria ventricosa

このまま,ここでお祝いの宴席となりました。 海藻研の学生もそのまま宴席に参加していました。
At the harbor, islanders had celebrated a new fisherman's boat that was bought by island fisherman. There were more than fifty people there to celebrate it, and I guess the most of all islanders were there because the population of this island is around 80. It is traditional celebration in Japan, and we call it "Mochimaki". Owner family scattered a lots of small rice cakes, candies and coins to the islanders. Islanders caught them, and wish owner's happiness including oneself. My students also caught candies and rice cakes, they were lucky. 
On the head of new boat, there was sea bream and lobster to dedicate to god of the sea. After the ceremony, they were changed to fresh Sashimi to eat.

Around the offshore island, I conducted the survey of substratum. It is SM sampler.