May 21, 2011

分布最南端のワカメを探す旅 (Natural distributional limit of Undaria pinnatifida)


Undaria pinnatifida, Wakame in Japanese, is known as the East Asian endemic species, and its southernmost natural distributional limit is reported to be Kagoshima. Recently, it is also known as the invaded species in some foreign countries, such as USA, Mexico, Australia and Europe.
This year, students of Marine Botany Lab have started the field survey to confirm the current exact southernmost distributional limit of this species.

In 2006, Kagoshima University and Kagoshima Prefecture Fisheries Technology Development Center (KPFTDC) surveyed seaweed distribution in Kagoshima Bay. Then, we decided the area of survey on the basis of its record.
Students started the survey from the southern end of bay,

They could find a large Sargassum community, but there was no Undaria. Zostera marina, Amamo in Japanese, was also growing at around area.

Finally, they were able to find it. Unfortunately, leaves were almost gone. They confirmed current southernmost Undaria community, and  also found a interesting things. Perhaps, in the meeting, they will talk it.