Seaweed Research Journal

Seaweed Research Journal

May 18, 2011

大分県のクロメ (Edible "gooey" seaweed, Ecklonia kurome)

先日,民放の放送番組で函館のガゴメと大分県のクロメが 紹介されていました。

Last week, a popular TV show of Japan introduced two edible "gooey (or sticky)" seaweeds. One of them was Ecklonia kurome from Oita Prefecture, Kyushu I.
大分県佐伯市のクロメ群落 (Ecklonia kurome in Saeki City, Oita Prefecture)
Ecklonia kurome is distributed in Kyushu, Shikoku. and southern part of Honshu Is, and composes kelp forest in this region.

佐伯市のクロメ藻体 (Natural Habit from Saeki City, Oita Prefecture)

Ecklonia kurome resembles with Ecklonia cava, however, the surface appearance of blade is distinct. The latter species has smooth surface, and can be distinguished from the former that has wrinkly surface.  Some papers had reported that the stipe length is influenced by light and temperature condition.

大分県のクロメの佃煮 (Ecklonia kurome, boiled down in soy sauce)